Capital Retreat Center recognizes your need for group meeting space and corporate meeting space during your event.  We offer a variety of large capacity meeting spaces as well as smaller breakout meeting rooms.

All groups are contracted indoor, heated and air-conditioned, meeting rooms.  Since several groups are typically on-site at the same time, meeting rooms are assigned per group for the duration of your retreat so there is no confusion or overlap with other groups.  Your personalized Guest Services Team will set-up and break-down your meeting rooms based on your specifications.

Meeting space is precious at Capital Retreat Center.  We can guarantee one large room for all your guests.  Smaller breakout rooms are considered on a case-by-case basis, dependent on the rental demand on requested dates at the time of contract.

All indoor meeting rooms are equipped with wireless internet, LCD screens compatible for laptop-based presentations, chairs for theatre-style set-up and table rounds and horizontals for classroom-style meetings.  Daily refreshments are replenished and available 24/7 adjacent to your meeting room.

Indoor Meeting Spaces:

  • Nesiya Lodge Meeting Rooms 1, 2, 3, 4, Board Room
  • Capacity of 25-35 each break-out room seated theatre-style
  • Nesiya Lodge Meeting Rooms 6a/6b
  • Capacity of 200 in this Grand Ballroom with partition opened seated theatre-style
  • Two 8-foot wide screens on each side with state-of-the-art audio/visual connections
  • A partition can be drawn to create 2 separate, sound-proof meeting rooms.  Nesiya Lodge Meeting Room 6a has a capacity of 80 guests.  Nesiya Lodge Meeting Room 6b has a capacity of 120 guests.
  • Nesiya Lodge Lobby
  • A cozy communal area with spectacular fireplace, couches and oversize chairs
  • Capacity of 25-35 for informal gatherings
  • Adjacent business center with desk-top computers and copy machines
  • Dining Hall Lower Level Lounge Meeting Room
  • Capacity of 200 seated theatre-style
  • 8-foot presentation screen with built-in projector, DVD and VHS players
  • Wired with microphone jacks
  • Stone-hearth fire place with wrap-around ledge for intimate gatherings
  • Adjacent 8-station internet cafe
  • Dining Hall Lower Level Lounge Breakout Meeting Rooms Bet & Aleph
  • Capacity of 10-15 each, seated in a circle
  • Lodge Aleph Lower Level Meeting Room Daled
  • Capacity of 80 seated theatre-style
  • Lodge Aleph Lower Level Meeting Room Hay
  • Capacity of 50 seated theatre-style
  • Lodge Bet Common Area
  • Capacity of 25 seated in a variety of set-ups on chairs and lounges

Outdoor Meeting Spaces: (Weather dependent)

  • Habima/Theatre; capacity of 300+ on benches
  • Amphitheatre; capacity of 500+ on benches
  • Leadership Center Gymnasium; capacity of 300+ on benches
  • Various Gazebos with capacity of 25-75 on benches
  • Local law outdoor cut-off sound ordinance is 10:30pm daily in consideration of our neighbors

Nesiya Lodge Meeting Room 3

Nesiya Lodge Meeting Room 1

Lodge Aleph Lower level Meeting Room Hay

Lodge Bet Sitting Area

Dining Hall Lower Level Lounge

Lodge Aleph Lower Level Meeting Room Daled

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