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Are you interested in going on a camping adventure?  If you are, you are definitely not alone.  There are a number of benefits for camping in a traditional tent.  One of the those benefits is the cost.  Our Mack’s Village tents will help keep your retreat cost-efficient and cost-effective for your budget.  Another one of the many benefits for retreating in a traditional tent is the experience.  Camping tents, as you likely already know, resemble tarps.  They give you protection from the outdoors, but they still leave you feeling as if you are camping in the open night.  If you’re an outdoor lover or if you are truly looking to get the “camping feel,” you may want to consider about camping in our traditional camping tents.


Macks Village, 11 Platform Tents with single beds are 4-6 person raised canvas tents with electricity, and utilize a new adjacent shower house for bathrooms and showers.  Available seasonally (April-September only).  Total capacity of 44-66 guests in shared tents.

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