Fall – a season of change and setting goals.  A perfect time to consider the value of a retreat. During retreats we pull back, we get inspired, we become spacious, we detox, and we find our people – and ourselves.
Retreat comes from the Latin verb “to pull back.”
So, let’s take a day, two days, even a week, and let’s pull back from the world.

Check out our Top 10 Reasons to schedule your next retreat…

1. Pull Back

…reflect and be strategic.

Withdraw from regular routines, pulling in the energy that’s otherwise spread thin in many, many directions.

Gain a new perspective, regroup and re-energize – find inspiration.

2. Become Spacious

Step out of the day-to-day grind – make room for creativity, collaboration and cohesion.
The concept of time is different on a retreat. Slow down and take a breath.  Find the space to connect with others – and yourself.

3. Motivate & Inspire

Any group, of any kind, understands the critical impact of motivating and inspiring others.

Play with what inspires you – write, solidify effective business practices, hike, create strategies for the upcoming year – explore whatever moves you.

4. Listen 

No matter the type of retreat: center yourself and listen.

What do you hear?
Birds?  The wind?  The falling leaves?
The quiet inside you?

5. Detox 

Unload and empty our mental desktop.
Leave a retreat lighter, clearer, recharged, refreshed – more present.

6. Lose the Fear 

Enter into our safe space – literally and figuratively.

7. Remember Who You Are 

We often try be too many things to too many people, and all at the same time.  Let’s remember that we are human beings – not “human doings.”

Drop some of your roles during your retreat – just be you – celebrate your individuality.

8. Find Your People 

Gathering for a retreat usually brings like-minded people together – a family, an organization, yogis, a marching band, a youth group, a school reunion, a soccer team – what groups are you in?
The key component? Even like-minded individuals can explore different opinions and different approaches – a retreat is the space in which to do it.

9. Help Others

Helping others helps us live longer.  It makes us happy, satisfied.  It may help us with chronic pain.  It lowers blood pressure. It promotes positive behavior.  It provides us a sense of purpose.  Help yourself by helping others.

10. Establish a Routine/Practice

Establishing healthy practices and behaviors is more plausible during a retreat.  Afterward, return home, to the office, or wherever you’re heading next, with more focus and intentionality than ever before.

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