Nesiya Lodge, our Premier-Tier Hotel-Style Accommodations Sells Out 10-12 Months in Advance 

Planning ahead is the key to securing your reservation at Capital Retreat Center.  Our picturesque campus can house more than 500 guests and is ADA compliant.  From well-appointed hotel-style rooms in Nesiya Lodge and Lodge Bet, to motel-style rooms in Lodge Aleph, to bunk-bed style rooms in our Leadership Center Gymnasium and Benjamin Village Cabins, there are a variety of housing options from which to choose for your event.

We host approximately 120 events each year (approximately 12,000 guests!).  85% of all retreats are annual renewals and organizations 2-3 events the same week on an annual basis.  Due to this high customer loyalty and strong demand for facility rental, we operate a one-year rotating booking calendar, providing all current groups 30-days, post-departure “first-right-of-renewal” to book one full year in advance.  Once this grace period passes and a group does not renew, we release their dates, accommodations and meeting spaces back to the general public.

During the past few years, we have experienced sell-out levels throughout our entire campus almost every weekend and many weekdays too, creating an oftentimes competitive environment to secure a reservation.

The secret to securing your first-choice of dates, accommodations and meeting spaces is to plan early and secure your reservation 10-12 months in advance. Last-minute event requests are sometimes doable, but often challenging.  We are experts in coordinating several events on-site simultaneously and independent of each other. 

NOW IS THE TIME to reserve Capital Retreat Center for your event this year.  Reserve your space today.  To determine availability and pricing for the remainder of 2020, contact Richard Weinstock, Director of Retreat Sales at 240-283-6162 or

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