May 15th is International Family Day!  What better way to celebrate family than a reunion? Get together, reconnect, and create/continue family traditions. Our Retreat Center offers a central location, customized amenities, and outstanding customer service – all in place so you and your family can focus on enjoying time together.

“Time Flies”
We hear this phrase so very often.  As we know, a reunion doesn’t typically happen unless someone takes charge. At Capital Retreat Center, we understand the incredible value in reconnecting with old friends, classmates, sorority sisters/fraternity brothers, teammates, or loved ones.  So, pick a few days, rally the troops, and let us do the rest (meals, snacks, sports, water activities, campfires, and more)!

“Slow down, we move too fast.”
As the pace of life continues to increase, let’s slow it down and take a few breaths.  More coffee time after breakfast, a hike around our magnificent campus, extra time at the lake or pool – let’s simply relax and enjoy.

Easy Decisions
Our professional staff will take care of any last-minute changes, so you can concentrate on the many reasons for which you are getting together.

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