For many people, when they think “retreat”, they envision a vacation type getaway or a business retreat for corporate entities in the everyday working world. But, there are so many purposes and groups who can benefit from a retreat and we’ve hosted them all. From Corporate, Youth Groups, School associations, Government agencies, Recreational groups, and more. There’s no limit to the reasons behind a planned retreat and we can help guide you through the process to meet your goals.

A group that most don’t consider is the government or federal agencies. We put somewhat of a stereo type on them, assuming they have to keep their activities “in house” or have so many rules and regulations that it makes any outside retreats nearly impossible but, that’s definitely not the case. Edwin C. Thomas, Director of Governmental Research and Service at the University of South Carolina shared A Guide to Planning and Conducting Successful Retreats. This was directed towards helping “governmental managers, council members, and board members plan and conduct successful retreats”. It had a significant amount of detail that falls directly in line with our operation. We thought it was useful to share as he broke down some frequently asked questions such as:

  1. What is a retreat?
  2. Why do a retreat?
  3. Where should the retreat be held?
  4. How often should we hold a retreat?
  5. How long should the retreat be?
  6. Do I need an outside facilitator?
  7. Who should attend the retreat?
  8. Groundrules
  9. Setting Up the Room
  10. Retreat Planning Checklist
  11. Keys to effective retreats

He put a great deal of research into this guide just as we do when we are hosting any group or organization. You can read more on this useful article to see backing support we share like “most organizations can benefit from using an outside facilitator for their retreats.  An experienced facilitator can help you plan the retreat, develop the agenda, and set realistic goals and expectations for the session”. He also goes on to breakdown a checklist, similar to ones we’ve provided to help you plan your retreat. As well as considering budget and keys to a successful retreat.

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