Reading that quote sparked our interest as we get the pleasure of experiencing it through the eyes of our retreat attendees!

Group retreats come to us varying in size and purpose, but they all have a common factor which is to bring individuals together with a similar interest or connection to accomplish a set of goals. Whether an educational retreat, a team-building retreat or simply for pleasure; there’s always a notable takeaway and a memorable moment from each and every group.

Some of the more surprising ones, both as an observer and for the participants, are the group retreats with the hope of inspiring and growing the working relationships with one another. More commonly referred to as work retreats or corporate retreats; organizations, associations and businesses come to us to help them create activities and workshops that will encourage team building, inspiration and growth opportunities within the group. During these activities, the participants learn and experience things they never considered before.

All too often we find ourselves in the same routine, just going through the motions of our daily to-dos. In the workforce, this can be productive, but it can also be detrimental to moving forward. It can create a “comfort zone” of getting things done but not present opportunity for new and improved processes. Considering the quote “MANY IDEAS GROW BETTER WHEN TRANSPLANTED INTO ANOTHER MIND THAN THE ONE WHERE THEY SPRANG UP”, given the opportunity, new ideas can come to life in different forms. Where an individual might be shy or hesitant to mention their idea, it could come out during a group activity. They may be willing to share it an atmosphere outside of their work base for fear of judgment. When heads come together, an idea can form from one person based on what another had said. 

Book a retreat and create an atmosphere that welcomes inspiration, growth and bonding outside of the “every day”.

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