There’s something incredibly powerful and fun for students and faculty to spend time away together and bond as a group. When youth are encouraged to speak their minds in an interactive and open forum, issues and scenarios take on a life of their own. Socializing, bonding and personal growth are just a few of the benefits of hosting a youth retreat with us. What can you expect out of your experience?

Socializing:  You’ll personally witness all your students connecting on each other’s level. Even “outsiders” will come together and feel comfortable discussing sensitive issues and begin breaking down communication barriers. When in a new environment (outside the “norm”) your students will experience an unbiased, free-flowing conversation that will build off of itself. Allow for the natural unwinding as you introduce your students to new songs around a campfire – and enjoy s’mores and storytelling under the stars.

Bonding:  It’s not easy being a kid these days. By confronting and discussing important issues, the pressures from peers, parents, media and school melt away; students reveal their inner-most fears, hopes and dreams in a comfortable and supportive environment. New connections and awareness will create bonds of friendship and support.

Personal Growth:  Begin with small team bonding initiatives, like the low ropes course, and watch students find that they each accomplished something they may have been hesitant to do at first. As the skill and comfort levels reveal themselves, grow into larger element activities like the climbing wall or high ropes or our zip lines and watch true leadership and teamwork emerge.

We promise flexibility, availability, positive attitudes, willingness and smiles working with your faculty, administration and students. Every single part of the process from start to finish will not only be a pleasure, but an experience to remember. The individual experiences for each of your students will leave a last, positive impression. Let us plan it for you today.

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