When most hear the words “Corporate Retreat” they may have the urge to run, hide, and quickly think of excuses as to why they won’t be able to make it. The likely culprit behind the lack luster events are the admins doing the scheduling. Poor planning and execution for the company retreat can leave a lasting, negative impression. We’ve come a long way from stuffy meeting rooms with endless seminars, one person rambling on and on and no variety of focus for all involved. If you are wondering how to have a Corporate Retreat that won’t disappoint, we can certainly help in that department!

Planning a successful corporate retreat is just as customized as the individuals who represent your organization. From intimate group settings to high energy social activities, the options are limitless to your specific needs. We’ve shared some great tips to ensuring a successful plan, execution and follow through in previous blogs that you can catch up on below. For now, in a recent read from entrepreneur.com, we found some useful advice on How to Run a Company Retreat that Won’t Crash and Burn.

“Retreats can achieve huge benefits for your business. They allow leaders to imagine pathways to future growth. They address difficult questions. They facilitate open feedback among employees and managers. And they provide opportunities to plan, debate, forge new relationships, reach a consensus, align around a vision and — gasp — allow people to have a bit of fun.” – We couldn’t have said it better ourselves! Allow for the creativity, laughing and seriousness to blend together!

That being said they shared their “five most common pitfalls to running a retreat and how you can avoid them” and we take these into consideration every time we are helping a client plan the perfect retreat for their goals.

  1. The agenda and goals are not clearly defined
  2. The right people are not in the room (and some of the wrong ones are)
  3. It’s boring
  4. The difficult questions go unanswered
  5. There’s no follow-up

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