On life’s journey, the opportunity to learn, reflect, rejoice and connect with family, friends and colleagues is precious and rare.  The pace and pressure of everyday life can overwhelm our desire to experience new things or our capacity to gain perspective on the familiar.  At Capital Retreat Center, we understand your needs and encourage your quest.  As the Mussar Institute discovered, highlighted in the video below, from the moment you step foot onto our 270-acre campus, you are immersed in a unique, welcoming and comfortable environment.  Our caring and attentive customer service staff provide personalized service to make every meeting and event a success.

During your stay, you will live comfortably and eat well in a peaceful setting that promotes meaningful personal and professional relationships.  With years of experience, our seasoned professionals understand how valuable and profound these experiences can be.  Our role is to encourage people and great programs to come together, a critical combination for a successful retreat.  We are committed to ensuring a seamless process.

Founded in 1987, Capital Retreat Center is a non-profit agency offering inclusive rates (meals, lodging and meeting spaces).  We work hard to accommodate your budget and are happy to provide you with references.  Our goal is to nurture and strengthen leadership and community through meaningful and active retreat experiences, thereby creating a legacy for future generations.  Come see for yourself all we have to offer by scheduling a tour of our amazing facility.

We offer a high level of flexibility, uncommon in a typical hospitality setting, and will tailor your event to meet your unique needs.  Our outstanding customer service speaks to excellence in three key areas – sales, on-site hospitality and quality kosher food service.  We can be as formal or informal as you wish.  We are the ideal destination.  Challenge us and let us exceed your expectations!

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