Make the most out of your corporate retreat. We love sharing tips and advice on making your business retreat the best it can be. From the varying degrees of retreats we host, we’ve assisted with them all from business to casual. What makes any retreat successful, no matter how formal or informal they may be, is the execution and follow through.

An article we’ve recently come across titled Company Retreat Activities Your Team Will Actually Enjoy“, shared some familiar insights from a retreat goers perspective. From a hands-on point of view, we appreciated the steps they covered to ensure their retreat was successful for their team.

Let’s take an overview of what they’ve shared and how it may help you plan your next retreat.

How long should my company retreat be? How much material and activities do you expect to cover? What amount of time will allow you to effectively cover your to-dos while allowing for fun in between?

Scheduling like a boss. Once you’ve made the commitment, don’t let attendees forget about it. Add it to calendars, send reminders, build the excitement for this retreat you are putting time and effort into.

Planning your corporate retreat activities. Let the professionals help you determine the best balance of scheduled to-dos, meetings, activities and free time. Learn from your team and how they focus best.

Business in the front. – All-hands meeting – Team time – Deep dive talks – Support power hour

Party in the back. “Retreats are a rare time when spontaneous moments arise and hilarious memories form. The major reason we retreat is to spend quality time together in a beautiful environment.” Find what fun activities work for your company and stick with them. Make it a pleasant routine. Create an experience that opens your team up to their vulnerable side, allowing them to make unexpected and welcomed connections.

The last hurrah. Make your last day/moments at your retreat memorable. Allow your team to be a part of the decision making for this last activity to ensure you end on a good note.

Shake it like a Polaroid picture. Create memories. Document your time at the retreat to share and look back on as a team. Use these as “retreat teasers” for your next retreat to build excitement for what’s to come.

Survey, rinse, repeat. Get feedback from your team on each retreat you accomplish. Take what you’ve experienced as a group (both good and bad) and build off of that for the next retreat. Continue to improve on what your retreats have to offer.

Continue reading this article here and scroll through some of their videos and images captured from their retreats.

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