Capital Retreat Center operates a one-year rotating booking calendar.  Pro-active event organizers who plan ahead and book early are in the best position to secure their first choice of dates, accommodations and meeting spaces on-site.  The majority of our groups typically confirm their reservations 10-12 months in advance of their event.  We are now accepting reservations through April 2018.

Rental demand is high for the remainder of 2017 and we are selling-out at a record pace.  Availability during weekends this year especially is becoming limited, weekday opportunities are slightly more abundant.  Regardless of whether you are a current retreating partner or a new group interested in hosting your event at our facility for the first time, NOW IS THE TIME TO BOOK YOUR EVENT FOR 2017-2018!

Capital Retreat Center hosts 120+ events each year, upwards of 12,000+ individual guests annually.  85% of all our events are annual renewals, groups that bring 2-4 retreats on-site throughout the year.  The smallest group we can host is 15 participants, and the largest is 500+ guests.

For more information regarding availability and costs, please contact Richard Weinstock, Director of Sales, or 240-283-6162.   Our Administrative Office is in Rockville, MD with hours Monday-Friday, 9a-5p.

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