Creating a successful team building event requires careful planning and each stage of the process has a purpose. Here are some clear steps on how to plan and prepare a successful team building retreat…

Planning committee – First of all, assign a team to plan the event. With your planning committee, make sure there’s a crossover between the team planning the retreat and those that are participating. If the delegates attending the event feel like they’ve influenced decisions in terms of the activities to be involved in, they’re more likely to be engaged on the day of the event.

Be clear about the purpose of your event – One of the biggest reasons why team building retreats are not quite as effective as they could be is the fact that there’s no set agenda or goals for the outcome of the event. Think about what would you like to achieve with the team building retreat and be very clear when communicating this to your team. Think about the reasons why you’re bringing the team together.

Set educational goals – After defining the purpose of your retreat, you may want to drill down further into educational goals. Be as specific as possible, as the more detailed your goal, the easier it is to measure success.

Increasing team engagement – to ensure your team building retreat is successful, it’s important to gain support and participation from the top executives in your business. They’re highly influential and leading by example creates a stronger motivation for other employees to engage in the retreat.

A retreat where only the relatively junior colleagues participate will not feel as important and therefore the attendees may not take it as seriously. Having a couple of leadership level employees within the group and participating like any other member creates a stronger sense of importance.

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