Time flies – how often do you hear people say that?  Unless you make reunions a priority, they don’t typically happen. You turn around and realize that you haven’t seen your friends or family for what seems like ages.  We understand how meaningful reconnecting with old friends, classmates, sorority sisters, fraternity brothers, teammates, or loved ones can be.  So pick a week or weekend, rally the troops, and let us do the rest!

Togetherness: We’ve got it covered with meals, campfires, you name it.  Reunions need entertainment, too, and we offer state-of-the-art amenities that will surely please your group.

Quality Time:

No one will rush you anywhere.  More coffee after breakfast, a hike around our magnificent campus, more time at the lake or pool – the whole point is to take a breath, relax, catch up and enjoy.

Lasting Impressions: We know time flies and you don’t always get the chance to spend time together.  So make the most of every moment on your retreat.  Leave the planning to us so you can simply enjoy.

Easy Decisions: Let our professional guest services staff take care of any last-minute changes that are bound to come up, so you can concentrate on what you came for – the pleasure of the company, good times, and creating memories.


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