With any business event, formal or informal, people tend to worry that it’s going to be a dry and slightly dull affair. That’s why you should try to innovate with your team outing, avoiding the monotony of most generic retreats. Make the effort to stand out as an employer who truly cares about building a team. Not only does this make your retreat more enjoyable, it helps build the culture of an innovative and forward-thinking business.

With the below tips, ensure you have the foundations of your business retreat organized first – such as your goals, agenda, activities and schedule for the day. Then once you have the basics covered, think about how you can create a unique, unforgettable and truly rewarding retreat for your employees and your company. Here are some creative suggestions:

  • Guest instructors – hiring a guest instructor is a great way to test your team’s ability to learn new things. Whether it’s a teacher specializing in rock climbing, high/low ropes or zip lining, introducing a new person really helps to engage your team members.
  • Hire a motivational speaker – hiring a passionate motivational speaker is a great way to engage and inspire your employees while acting as a welcome break from the activities and group tasks that can become a little intense. Motivational speeches can add a burst of energy to a retreat and you could even theme your motivational speech around the importance of teamwork, collaboration and working together. If you’re short on time, this doesn’t need to be a long session – between 15-30 minutes is enough to create an impactful message.
  • Record videos and pictures from the retreat – this makes the event more memorable and it’s great for sharing via social media or on your company’s internal network. This could include a video interview after the retreat with your team, action clips from the activities or just a few high-quality pictures that highlight the fun side of your company’s culture.

As you can see, planning a team building retreat is a great technique that’s fun and more importantly, effective. From improving your team’s weaknesses to increasing levels of communication, there’s a whole host of powerful benefits that are useful for any team. While it’s important to be aware of common retreat planning mistakes, such as poor planning or not engaging your employees, with the above tips you should understand exactly how to overcome these challenges.

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