Camp NAI NAI NAI East Coast

Memorial Day Weekend
(May 24-27, 2019)

Often times, groups renting Capital Retreat Center completely transform our facility to meet their unique needs.  Our caring and attentive customer service staff work hard to understand each group’s needs and encourage their quest, providing personalized service to make every event a success.  We host a wide variety of participants and groups, including:

Adults – corporations, associations and governmental organizations for meetings, development seminars, leadership training, environmental education and team building

Youth – schools, clubs, religious groups and sports teams for conventions, training, and outdoor/environmental education programs

Families – reunions and life-cycle events including B’nai Mitzvot and other special occasions

With years of experience, our seasoned professionals understand how valuable and profound these experiences can be.  Our role is to encourage people and great programs to come together, a critical combination for a successful retreat.  We are committed to ensuring a seamless process.  Our knowledgeable staff will provide outstanding service to ensure you are able to “Retreat Your Way.”

Camp Nai Nai Nai, produced by Moishe House annually at Capital Retreat Center each Memorial Day Weekend, is one such event that highlights a winning retreating partnership and pushes the limits of our capabilities.  Moishe House is what being Jewish in one’s 20s is all about.  Founded in 2006, Moishe House started when four Jewish 20-somethings began hosting Shabbat dinners in Oakland, California, for their friends and networks.  Through the support of several early funders and a snowballing interest from Jewish communities, they have become a global leader of Jewish life for young adults.  Their model trains, supports and empowers these leaders as they create meaningful experiences in their local communities for themselves and their peers by engaging 50,000+ unique participants in 25+ countries on an annually.

Camp Nai Nai Nai is a unique Jewish summer camp for adults, allowing guests the ability to relive the curious and courageous days of youth, where what you do for a living doesn’t define who you are and where audacious adventures await at every turn.  The weekend kicks off with innovative play-shops (there is no “work” at Camp Nai Nai Nai), spontaneous dance parties, spirited song sessions, color war, festive meals, and so much more.  As an inclusive and pluralistic Jewish space, they dig their heels into Jewish community and offer Shabbat experiences and Havdallah for all observance levels.  Camp Nai Nai Nai is your canvas to connect with new friends, old friends, and recharge by tapping into the energy only found at Jewish summer camp.

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