Through the years we’ve had various groups come through our facility. All in search of a different purposes and outcomes. All varying from corporate, to youth, to hobby groups but all having a similar goal of relationship or team building through their experiences at our retreat center. One of the most challenging, and at the same time rewarding, groups that utilize our services are the company retreaters. Most likely, we’ve all experienced a time where adults need to pull together and accomplish and end goal and it’s NOT always the easiest path to complete. We are all individuals and work towards those personalities our whole life. As an adult, it can be difficult to “back down” or accept another’s opinion if we feel strongly towards our own. This struggle happens in the workforce on a daily basis. If we ignore those struggles, tensions can build and before we know it, our well oiled team is falling apart at the seams!

Sometimes you just need a break. Take time away from your everyday working environment and allow your team to stretch, ease their minds, and talk about something other than work. That said, this “break” doesn’t have to be totally pointless. You can bring your group together to enjoy themselves while also getting some team building in the mix. Treat them, allow them to have fun, but sit back and watch how your team becomes stronger during the few days at a retreat center like ours. shared a great article on 4 Unexpected Benefits of a Company Retreat. We couldn’t agree more with their findings as we’ve witnessed them on a daily basis. Read more on these 4 reasons:

1. Helps people overcome their fears.
2. Galvanizes employees to work toward a shared goal.
3. Exposes coworkers’ hidden talents.
4. Creates a stronger-knit team.


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