Increase the attendance of your event by following a few simple steps to generate activity, interest and follow through. Worrying if you’ll have the desired attendance can often be a deterrent for even planning an event in the first place. Especially in the business industry, any “corporate” event has a tendency to be a little dull or uneventful, resulting in lack of attendance for any future holdings. Correct planning and execution of your event is the first step to having a greater success rate overall. You can read more on that in our previous blog How to have a Corporate Event that won’t Disappoint

For today’s discussion, we are narrowing our focus on first building and maintaining your attendance for the event. shared an interesting article titled How to Increase Attendance at Seminars and Business Events. A key is to plan out, then share your intentions and goals for the meeting. Let your guests know what to expect, going into the “unknown” especially in a corporate atmosphere creates unneeded tension and worry among peers. Take away the doubts, show them you have important information to cover and it won’t be all “business”. Once you’ve determined the agenda, equally important is establishing the right quest list and venue location.

  1. Create a Great Agenda

    “It is important to create a program that is worth attending.”

  2. Be Sensitive to the Calendar and Clock

    “Despite the best agenda, event attendees have preferences as to when they want to attend such programs and when they do not.”

  3.  Identify a Unique and Convenient Location

    “The main point here is to select a location where your guests will want to go.”

  4. Compile an Appropriate Guest List

    “Successful meetings have a specific topic or message and target audience for that message. It is valuable to compile a guest list that includes appropriate attendees, even if they are ranked in order of importance.”

  5. Invite, Invite, Invite!

    “One of the keys to achieving great attendance to your event is by inviting people early and following up.”

  6. Don’t Underestimate the Power of Personal Invitations

    “A physical invitation– whether printed or electronic– is nice, but it shouldn’t be viewed as a substitute for a personally extended invitation to friends, colleagues, or acquaintances (unless, of course, you are planning a large symposium or convention with 500 or more attendees).”

  7. Establish a Reputation for Delivering Excellent Programs

    “If someone enjoyed attending your last event, he or she is more likely to attend future programs – and possibly even bring a friend or colleague.”

  8. Send Follow Up Communications and Thank Attendees

    “The thank you note and follow up communication is something that many organizations often overlook, but those who don’t reap the benefits.”

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